Breakfast can really set the mood for the rest of the day.

Be it getting children ready for school, being on the road or facing your colleagues, wouldn’t it be nice to be stress free and feel strong and happy?

When we eat a sugar loaded – low nutrient breakfast, we immediately put our body in 4th gear ie. stress mode. Here are a five tips from nutritionist Tami Tal to help the body and mind start the day with a smile.

1. Hydration Before Breakfast

It makes sense that when we wake up in the morning, after all these hours of sleep and no drink, we are dehydrated!

So it’s wise to have a hydrating drink before embarking on dehydrating ones like coffee or caffeinated tea.

Having a pint of warm water with a squeeze of lemon before the coffee is not only hydrating but also a great liver cleanser and energy pick up. If you feel especially tired in the morning, add a pinch of salt to kick start your adrenals too.

2. Eat Real Foods

Cereal is the number one choice for many households. But sadly boxed cereal is not a nourishing healthy food. It’s often full of sugar and other additives. If you read the labels you’ll see that even “healthy” cereals like granola can have a notable amounts of sugar in it. As a rule, the less ingredients you have on the box, the more real nutrients you will get from it (have you seen nutrients on an egg?)

3. Eat Proteins

Consider eating a protein rich breakfast.

Proteins and fats are the building blocks of the body and will also keep your energy stable for longer.

Eating a high carbohydrate/sugar breakfast like cereal, muffins, croissants, danish, bread and jam or honey will pump up your energy quickly but your body will also burn it quickly. You’ll be left feeling hungry, irritable or shaky all too soon and crave a sugary snack.

Eggs, bacon, smoked salmon and other high protein foods along with good fats like avocado will keep your energy, concentration and mood stable till lunchtime.

4. Learn From Other Cultures

The majority of people in the world do not differentiate between the kinds of foods you eat in the 3 main meals of the day. In Asian countries, China, Korea, Japan and many other countries around the world, the food for breakfast is the same as the other meals: rice, fish or meat, vegetables and soup.

Ask yourself that: where and when did breakfast become a sweet meal? (the answer is somewhat connected to the food industry and money making). Why not try eating last night’s dinner leftover for breakfast?

5. Eat When You’re Hungry

We are all different and some people wake up hungry and ready for a good meal, and some are not hungry until later in the day. It is all fine.

Eating when you are relaxed and ready for the food will give you a much better chance of digesting your food properly. The reason is that the stomach acid is much more likely to be available and ready to properly digest the foods when you really want to eat it, and when you’re in a relaxed mode. Eat when you’re hungry and take a few deep breath before starting to eat to make sure you de-stress.



Let us know how you feel about breakfast in the comments. What healthy breakfasts can you recommend?

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