Barbara Mastropirro

Barbara Mastropirro

Who am I?

Barbara’s journey into Holistic Therapies began in 2010 whilst being treated for breast cancer. She was suffering serious physical and psychological side effects from the medication. It was then that she was introduced to Kinesiology and Quantum healing.

Her constant tiredness, depression and lack of energies were replaced by a vibrant and energetic physical strength and focused mental health.

She obtained her professional qualification with T.A.S.K (the Academy of Systematic Kinesiology) and she’s a professional member of ASK (the Association of Systematic Kinesiology).

She has obtained a Diploma in Synergistic Kinesiology with Stephanie Relfe – The Perfect Health and is currently advancing her studies with SAK (the School of Advanced Kinesiology) as well as studying to become a Nutritional Therapist.

As a Kinesiologist, She will work with you as a whole person, not just the parts that are not functioning. She’ll look beyond the symptoms to find the root cause of your problems. When found and fully addressed the imbalances/problems can be cleared and in many cases prevented from returning.