We are delighted to offer beauty treatments at Restore Health & Wellbeing., using the finest ingredients.

Our therapist, Aya, offers waxing and eyelash extension, promising to  help ladies “smile at the end of their treatments”.

Ah Francis Eyelash Extensions

They look increasingly natural, but glamorous! 

Regular lashes full set takes around 1hour and 30mins.

Applying one single 0.2mm individual lashes to one natural eyelash by individually bonding them one by one using Ah Francis glue.

Volume lashes have several superfine lashes applied to one single natural eyelash individually isolating one natural eyelash at a time. Full set takes about 2hours.

Both lashes extensions, after 3 weeks new natural eyelashes will be long enough to take an eyelash extensions. So, 2-3 weeks infills are needed to keep them full.

Patch test required 24hours prior the treatment.


Waxing is an ideal method of temporary hair removal for men and women and lasts up to 6 weeks.


Perron Rigot Hot Wax

Perron rigot’s new generation ‘non strip’ hot wax specifically designed for sensitive areas.

The application of pre-wax jasmine oil will creates a highly effective barrier between the skin and the wax. This means that when the wax is removed, you will feel much less ‘pull’ on your skin than with traditional waxes, as the use of oil ensures that the wax is grabbing onto your hair and not your skin. As the wax sets, it shrinks to grip the hair, giving superior result when removed.

Oritree liquid wax

Gives you long lasting smoothness.

For most other body parts, legs, arms, back etc, I use Oritree liquid wax which is a chemical free organic resin gently applied to the skin and removed with strip of paper.

It’s safe and kind to the skin, with the wax adhering to the hair and not the skin, resulting in a far less painful wax.