I recently spent the day on a very special workshop with a group of birth workers and doulas learning and receiving this heart beautiful experience.

A deeply nurturing and relaxing postpartum ceremony, or Closing the Bones, also known as ‘Mother Wrapping’, and to me a gorgeous restorative and loving feeling that every woman should experience.

Let’s bring back this forgotten tradition!

Closing the Bones is designed for New Mums, helping to relax the hips and nourish the soul, honouring the transition she has made into Motherhood. However any woman can experience and benefit this gift herself in the most loving and nurturing way, weather she has birthed, Mothered a child or Mothered throughout her life should try it.

It is an opportunity to take some time out to be nourished and massaged with love and I believe every woman can benefit from it, weather you have mothered recently, years ago, or not at all.

Closing the Bones is a beautiful example of the togetherness that many cultures and traditions created and held for special and life changing moments, such as giving birth and becoming a Mother. Traditions that we have sadly let go of and lost over time. Traditionally pregnant women and New Mums are celebrated and we would come together to share our wisdom and experiences, to be healed and supported. Traditions that honour the greatness of giving birth and entering Motherhood. These traditions and family and friends instinctively Mother the Mother, when she needs the deepest love and care. This feeling is at the core of what Closing the Bones is all about, and and at the heart of the reason I want to share and offer it to more Mamas.

My training for Closing the Bones with Developing Doula’s, and  shared with a small circle of women. Based on their teachings by Rocio Alarcon, an inspirational Ecuadorian woman trained in traditional midwifery. 

Closing the bones

Why every New Mum should receive Closing the Bones…

As we know during pregnancy and birth the hips widen, yes this is natural occurrence and one of many amazing aspects that a woman’s body creates to carry and birth a child, but when the hips are and remain open it can create lower back issues and pelvic instability. The ‘Closing’ of hips helps to release tension held in the body after what has often been a very open and vulnerable time on a physical and emotional and energetic level. Inviting a release that can be held and stored from pregnancy, birth and motherhood. Traditionally hours after giving birth women would receive Closing the Bones and it would be repeated 5 or 6 times during the first 40 days postpartum.  I advise as soon as you are feeling comfortable you can receive it. If a cesarean birth, once the scar has healed, (a postnatal nurturing massage in the meanwhile would be perfect).

That whole ‘Can’t pour from an empty cup’, well that could not be closer to the truth.

Closing the Bones as we know is particularly amazing for the postpartum period, a time that certainly requires all of the love, nurture and surrender too.

 “When we as a society begin to value mothers as the givers and supporters of life, then we will see social change in ways that matter” – Ina May Gaskin

What Can you Expect?

Upon contacting me to have a chat and discuss your Closing the Bones Ceremony, if there is something in particular you wish to let go of or gain from the experience, we can also focus on that.

If you want to share your birth story, weather it has been 4 weeks or 14 years I will hold the space for you. If you want to relax and take in experience without discussing anything beforehand, this is also honoured.

Anything that comes, or doesn’t come to the surface is welcomed.

Closing the Bones usually takes place in the comfort of your home, so that you can basque in the lovely state of relaxation that we create afterwards.

I bring everything that we need with me! Cushions, blankets, flower petals, my Rebozo scarf and anything else to create a beautiful space for you with intention, love and candles too (there just has to be candles!).

A Rebozo is a traditional Mexican shawl that can be used in pregnancy and labour to relax tight ligaments in the belly, it can be used for baby wearing and it is what we traditionally use to gently rock, relax and ‘shimmy’ the hips to bring deep release and relaxation of the pelvis and lower back.

I begin to massage the lower back, hips and belly with a gorgeous women’s oil and use the Rebozo technique to gently release tension in the hips and lower back. We then wrap the Rebozo and light scarves around the hips and other main points throughout the body.

This. Feels. Divine. There is just something about being ‘cocooned‘ and held. It allows the body to deeply relax and the mind to just let go.

I then continue to massage over your head, neck and shoulder and you can continue to drift into a state of bliss.

What does Closing the Bones look like?

Today it looked a little like this… here is a simple setting of space in a new mums home. It looked and felt like real life… with her beautiful 8 week baby boy crying and naturally needing her soothing while she tried to have just an hour of ‘me’ time for herself. Did it matter? No it didn’t. In the flow of allowing, the music and ambience, he was fed and slept peacefully on his momma’s chest while we massaged and rocked away.

Today, Closing the Bones looked and felt like an all inclusive nurturing affair for mother and son.


Closing the Bones is the perfect way to show a woman and new mum “You are Amazing and Loved”

Closing the Bones

If you would like to receive this Closing the Bones, at any stage of your Mothering life, I’d love to hear from you.

Give me a call on 07832 147883 and share your thoughts and questions with me before making your booking.

With love,

Skevi xx