As a professional dancer having trained at Laban conservatoire, I know the demands that professional training can have on the body, and why sports massage for dancers is essential. It can help you to manage and prevent injuries aiming to get you back into class as soon as possible.
Here are a few reasons why sports massage a great choice for you as a professional dancer?

Improve Muscular imbalance

Having a ‘good’ leg  isn’t really a good thing, it creates imbalances in the body which can become apparent when your training professionally. During treatment we can work on these imbalances in the muscle, aiming to create equal range of motion on both sides of the body.

Works to you range of motion and abilities (ROM).

When you see regular massage therapist they are working to the ‘average’ ROM, but this is completely useless for a dancer, as a 90 kick straight leg kick is great for a builder but not great for a dancer. A great sports massage therapist will work with your range of motion, making improvements where you feel they are required.

Alleviate aches and pains

We all expect pain and have got used to being in pain when we return to dance after a holiday. But this pain that stops you from sitting down like a normal person can be avoided by massage. Getting some treatment after a period of inactivity is going to be really beneficial to alleviate those horrible aches and pains.

Prevent injury

You know the whole ‘good leg’ thing, well if you don’t address it, it could turn into a nasty injury. Having one ‘tighter’ hamstring could put the pelvis under strain and the issues could move through the body like a domino effect. By having regular massage, you are able to constantly address the little tissue issues that if left, could potentially turn into big injuries that could much harder to treat.
Lily Turner Sports Massage Therapist

Help with Injuries

When you have an injury a sports massage will help to reduce muscular tension, reduction soreness and make for a faster recovery. An injury causes scar tissue in the muscles which can lead to inflexible tissue that is prone to injury and pain, in a sports massage we can break down this tissue to create supple pain free tissue.

Minimise rest periods

As a dancer you don’t want to be sat out of class because of an injury. For this reason having a tailor made rehabilitation plan using goals that are focused on your needs will help  get you back into class sooner and this is where we can help. Having been through professional dance training myself I know what is expected and know first hand what is required from the body for each class and that sitting out of class is no fun at all!

Reduce stress

Further training can be a highly stressful period and even more so when its a professional dance conservatoire. You are pushing yourself to the limits physically, intellectually and emotionally. Massage helps to calm stress and anxiety, promoting relaxation and helping with sleep. Sports massage can address any physical issues but with a relaxed approach enabling you to unwind from the demands of dance training.
With my current work schedule of training and sports massage I completely get the reason we need to help speed up our rest time, reduce stress and improve performance.
If you are a dancer and want some help and support, please get in touch at the clinic.
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