Danielle White Sports Massage

Who Am I?

I’m an expert in helping people move and feel better. I work with people in the Barnet area who are truly focussed on improving their wellbeing and understand that a one off massage will not cure chronic muscle pain or improve an injury and is willing to invest time to stretch and strengthen.

Unlike other therapists I only work with three types of people:

  • Sports people of all backgrounds from completing their first 5k run to dedicated athletes.
  • Professionals with muscle aches and pains who understand the importance of their wellbeing and want to make changes and improve how they feel.
  • Pregnant women and new mums who know the importance of post birth recovery.

I am a dedicated to helping my clients feel and move better and each session and programme is adapted to their needs. As a result clients have become pain free, returned to their training and achieved personal bests!

Areas of Expertise

Sports Massage

Movement Therapy


Post Natal Recovery

Scar Therapy


Danielle white sports massage north finchley

Why do I do I work in sports massage and therapy?

With training as a dancer and working in the health and fitness industry, I put my body through a great amount of stress and I often felt niggles and aches and pains with the amount of hours I trained per week. Sports massage helped me prepare for performances at university and recover from tough gym sessions.

I was always interested in how the body moved and helping people to feel better and even at university I often found myself observing peoples posture and giving tips to help!

Combining this all together and qualifying in sports and remedial massage I understand the stresses we place on our bodies both in exercise and everyday movement and uses a variety of methods to help manage this stress in a positive way to continue to move pain free. Since qualifying I have helped lots of people feel as good as I felt after sports massage and sports therapy.

  • Currently Reading: ‘Awaken the Giant Within’ Anthony Robbins

  • Favourite Film: The Lion King

  • Favourite Quote: ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ Benjamin Franklin

  • Favourite type of exercise: This changes alot but right now I will say Animal Flow!

‘Clients are accountable for their own wellbeing. We provide the tools, education and support to get them moving and feeling better’