15907271_mOne of my mums said so something to be which really resonated with my focus on improving movement and providing support for new mums. She said:

“I had so much support, if not too much during pregnancy but I felt like I was pushed off a cliff once baby was born”.


Do all new mums feel like this?

The NHS do a marvellous job on ensuring both mum and baby are alive and well during pregnancy and the birthing process but there is a gap in support post partum to ensure mum is in optimal condition to be mum (so you can continue to manage the house, work and family time).

As many of you know I help mums and mums to be in pregnancy massage and have qualifications in personal training but I wanted to do more to help.

In February I signed up to the advanced CPD in modern post natal core restore and functional exercise programming by Jenny Burrell from Burrell Education. It’s a 6 month course by a truly amazing educator and professional in women’s wellness. Here are some of the things I will be learning along the way:


  • Even more strategies to help you move and better in your post natal period. I work a lot with massage and my magic massage tool but I will be learning more about how to integrate this in to helping your body heal.
  • How to restore your post natal core. This is not lots of crunches and planks but a complete approach to restore your core strength based on your individual needs.
  • Post natal healing through nutrition. Your body needs to the right fuel to help your body recover itself after birth.
  • Solutions to help you rest and de-stress. Extra stress in your body doesn’t help when healing (have you ever had a cold that lasts a lifetime when you are stressed?) Recovery isn’t just about a post natal exercise programme to reduce your belly and getting back into your jeans, it’s a whole lifestyle approach to look after you so you can look after others.
  • Lots more science about the birthing process and the post natal body. (and as you know I get quite excited when talking about anatomy)


Plus lots more! I don’t want to give too much away just yet whilst I am learning but I will be writing lots more posts about it during my learning process and of course using my knowledge to help you out in and out of your sessions.

Are you a mum feeling like my client felt?

I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences!