This weekend I was lucky enough to be asked to support Jenny Burrell’s Mom retreat in Suffolk. It was a weekend for Mum’s to get away, get a bit of headspace and create a self-care plan.


We were based at the Inner Guidance retreat in Lavenham. If you haven’t heard of it, it is beautiful 16th Century grade two listed building and a great setting for any retreat! We took part in Yoga, ate super clean food (though it doesn’t look like it from the picture of the chocolate dessert but I promise you there were no nasties and it was made from 100% raw cocao!)


clean eating dessert

The basis of the weekend was about Self-care and actually how it is easy as a Mum or in fact any parent (even a parent of a business!) to put their self-care behind looking after others.

This got me thinking a little about self-care and how we look after ourselves, and one thing struck a chord with me on the last day.

The concerns we have with self-care aren’t ones where we are worried about fleeing a war stricken country or have to use the toilet in a hole outside. We have all the amenities to ensure we are alive and well and it is most certainly our choice whether we take that yoga class, get some downtime and read a book or we have a night away to relax.

But why do many of us muddle through feeling stressed, tired and in need of a break but don’t take one? It is also easy for many of us to complain about how busy we are and how we have no time but not actually make those steps to change

It is sometimes hard to not take that step back and analyse what is going on and that is why this retreat was so important for this group of amazing women to have that space to get a plan together to make time for that self-care.

Mum's focussing on Self Care

Everyone made a pledge of what they were going to do when they returned home and these ranged from ordering a skip to declutter, organising childcare to get a bit more time and to make big steps in their business.

I also wrote mine and here are my pledges:

  • Take one day off a week to dedicate to studying and writing (so i can write more great blogs)
  • Organise my weekly time to be more proactive
  • Create a fabulous study space at home


I am quite grateful that I started this journey of self-care a while ago otherwise my pledge list would have been a long one!


My action for you is to write your own pledge of how you want to look after yourself better. It doesn’t have to be the usual health and fitness goal of ‘make the gym three times a week’ for example but it could be to finish that book you never get time for, take an uninterrupted bath (The Mum’s I met this weekend were very grateful for one of those) or book in a regular massage.


What ever your pledges, keep them somewhere you can see them so you don’t forget them!