Injuries are damages to the body. Accidents, falls, hits and other causes may cause them. Ankle sprains, root canals, mammograms, operations, tennis elbows are a short list of injuries that we may experience in a life time. When an area in the body is injured, the brain sends signals to the body to begin healing processes for the injured area. The nerves around the area have an increased sensitivity; it reminds us to leave the area alone to its healing process.

However, brain and subconscious minds are the true referees that decide whether an area is healed or not. For whatever reason, sometimes the brain and subconscious minds keep mapping an area as injured, even if the tissue has healed. The brain may still send signals to the injured area to keep the pain receptors and sensory nerve endings active, even though the area is actually better.

How Kinesiology can help our bodies

This is because the injury is not cleared at cellular level and it makes us more prone to new injuries and this is why, sometimes the pain comes back even years later or it is an on and off situation.

Kinesiology uses a simple technique called “Injury Recall technique” that can make all the difference. This technique allows the body to fully heal a previously injured area and completely restore its normal function.