In pregnancy, lots of things happen. Your posture changes, aches and pains appear where you never felt them before and after a while your bump begins to grow and can feel heavy.

This is all a part of the process, but any help to move and feel better is definitely a bonus!

When I completed my taping qualification, We learnt how to use kinesiotape to help with aches, pain and injury. I did the course quite a long time ago and honestly, I don’t use it an awful lot in my practice. The main reason is if I am working with massage techniques, the combination of massage and tape don’t tend to mix well and it doesn’t stay sticky for too long.

After speaking with a student on a course I was teaching in November, it re-sparked my interest in Kinesiotape in pregnancy and in the post natal period.


What is Kinesiotape, Kinesiology tape, KT tape or Fascial taping?

It is therapeutic tape originally designed by a chiropractor in the 1970’s and in the last five years has seen an increase of companies supplying kinesiology tape (hence the long list of titles for the same thing).

The tape is made of cotton and elastic fibres to be able to provide a stretch for tissue, its weight and thickness is similar to skin and is latex free. This makes the tape feel like a ‘second skin’ and fairly unnoticeable when you move.

Here are what we believe to be some benefits of kinesiology taping:

Increased blood flow and lymphatic drainage

The tape can lift the skin which creates a small space between the skin and the muscle fibres which can improve the blood flow and circulation to help reduce pain and swelling.

Improves Muscle function

Kinesio tape can help inhibit over used muscles or facilitate tired and underused muscles which helps with muscle imbalances caused by overuse and repetitive movements.

Structural Support

With the elasticity of the tape, the tape can be applied like traditional sport tape and can support ligament sprains.

Neurological support

Applying the tape to your skin is believed to stimulate nerve receptors within the skin known as mechanoreceptors and these are involved in how you perceive where your body is in space, known as proprioception. Having the feeling of tape may improve your proprioception as it increases the feeling of the body part where the tape is applied.


As much as there is a lot of research and evidence for and against kinesiotape, I look at the whole approach which includes the response from patients and clients who have used the tape.


So why may kinesiotape help in pregnancy?

Baby Belly Supportkinesiotape in pregnancy

If you are experiencing pain in the lower back or pelvic area, kinesiology tape may help relieve those symptoms.

By adding tape below the belly to relieve extra pressure on the sacro-iliac joints and pelvic region can help relieve those aches and pains you feel at the top of the hips and into the lower back.


Front support

This can be used on its own or in conjunction with the baby belly support detailed above. If you ned a little more support at the front this can help.


Plantar fascia and foot pain

This is a common ailment in pregnancy and taping can help relive some of the symptoms with the right exercise.


Lower Back PainLower back pain help in pregnancy

Tape on the lower part of the back can really help relieve lower back aches and pains. It can again be used in conjunction with other ways of taping depending on how you feel.




Can I apply it myself?

In a short answer, yes you can. Once you understand how to apply it is easy to do it yourself, or get someone to do it for you. However I would recommend seeing a professional if you are experiencing pain to firstly know if tape can help or you need other treatment but also it is best to learn from a professional on how to apply it (and applying on your own back is a challenge!)


Where do I go to apply it?

We can use taping as part of the pregnancy massage appointments but during January we are looking for bump models to try out the taping and report back on how it feels. If you are interesting in becoming a bump model, click on the link here!