Earlier in the summer I was lucky enough to spend some time with some footballers in Hungary wanting to get fitter, stronger and injury free to play at a higher level than they currently are.

In the five days I was with them, they took part in fitness testing, strength training, core work, flexibility sessions, Sports therapy for footballsports massage, speed and agility work. There are areas were designed to help them achieve their goals.

Even th
ough the location and the type of sport was different to most of my days at RHW, how they often ignore pain is the same as people we help in London.

The players often played through injury just like when you ignore that niggle in your neck or back when you are at work during the day.

One player had played through knee pain for 4 months and he is not alone.


foam rolling for footballIn everyday lives, people often say you shouldn’t play sport through injury and take complete rest away from the field or the gym. And most people take that advice.

But how often when it comes to the every day pains you accept the pain?

Do you ignore the struggles of not being able to turn your head or lift your arm without pain as you aren’t seen to be
exerting yourself in the same way as in sport?

Are you living with pain?

Just because you aren’t on the pitch, track or gym floor doesn’t mean you should treat your body differently.


Acceptance of  muscle pain is like giving up on your body. The players were are far from giving up.

They took all the advice we gave, did there remedial exercises religiously and made sure they ate and got a good night’s sleep. Well apart from a few practical jokes between the players during the first night involving toothpaste!sports massage for football


Which type of player are you? The one ignoring the injury for months or the one making the change and taking care of their body?


Stop living with pain, change it.