Marathon Training TipsJust before Christmas I completed a talk for runners starting their marathon training for the Virgin London Marathon for a charity, it was designed to give them some help and support before their training increases.

It was interesting to hear their feedback on how there training was going so far and between the attendees there was a mixture of distances, frequency, cross training but all were hungry to get as much information as possible.


So with that here are some marathon training tips I passed to the participants (which I also follow with my training)

Marathon Training Tip #1 Get Strong

This may sound silly when training for a marathon but seriously it is not. Our long runs are endurance based and actually can decrease strength in our muscles (which we need to get us through the 26.2 miles).

Add a strength session into your week, whether it is a circuit class, a weight session in the gym or if you are lucky enough a training with a personal trainer. Edita from Zoom Fitness told me in the training for the 2015 London Marathon (her 5th) she increased her strength in her leg muscles and she enjoyed the run a lot more than previous years.

I went to a 30 minute circuit class this morning full of lunges and squats and was a great way to cross train!

We have quite a few hours on our feet and it is definitely somwething we want to enjoy isn’t it!


Marathon Training Tip #2 Get Flexible

With our muscles constantly contracting they will be come tighter when running and having an optimal range of motion will help the muscles and tissues be used more effectively. Add a good stretch session into your week, whether it is Yoga, a stretch class at a gym or a good 30 minutes at home, it is best to dedicate a whole session to it rather than a few minutes at the end of the session. You can read more benefits about that here.


Marathon Training Tip #4 Focus on Core Strength and Mobility

Our core is what keeps us moving and transfers load throughout the body and it is important to look after this.  It is not about sucking and holding it in but being mindful and using it in a functional way.  I have been doing Pilates with Heidi and I’m far from lying on the floor. It is a great way to help integrate these muscles into movement.


Marathon Training Tip #5 Constructive Rest

I learnt this from Adrian Farrell the Alexander Technique teacher. Lying down with your feet on the floor and a book under your head and breathe. Its a great way for the body to restore itself and we don’t do that enough!


Marathon Training Tip #6 Stay Hydratedcoconut water for running

Now we are all quite busy in our lives and adding some electrolytes in the day before a long run wll just help keep you hydrated to keep your energy up. My choice is always coconut water, it is light, really tasty and doesn’t have any nasties in there.



Marathon Training Tip #7 If you are running under 90 minutes, you don’t need to take in extra fuel.

There are so many articles and blogs out there telling you to load up on food before and after, but unless you are a professional marathon runner and that is all you do, you really don’t need to add in extra calories until you run over the 90 minute mark (Have you heard marathon runners say they have put on a few pounds in the training?)


I could keep writing and writing these tips but these are ones that came up this week and wanted to share them with you!


If you are training for the marathon, remember all London Marathon runners will receive a 10% discount off your sessions at the clinic unto 30th April!