Massage therapies for a healthy body

Here at Restore Health and Wellbeing, we work with a wide variety of people in massage who are focused on improving their wellbeing in sport and everyday life, and during pregnancy and the postnatal period.

Here you will find a list of all of our massage therapies. With every massage therapy appointment we follow our core principles with each client to ensure we help you achieve your health and wellbeing goals.

If you aren’t sure which technique is for you, have a read through below to see which one suits you best. If you are really stuck, click here to send us a message directly and we’ll help you pick the massage that’s right for you.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is for those sporty types! Whether you are exercising recreationally or aiming for a PB sports massage can help you relax, reduce the feeling of muscle aches and pains which can help you move with ease and perform better!

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Wellbeing Massage

The wellbeing massage is for someone who is feeling many aches and pains and doesn’t feel they qualify for the sporty type massage. It comprises of remedial, deep tissue and holistic massage techniques and is completely bespoke to you and your needs.

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Remedial Pregnancy Massage

Are you experiencing muscle aches and pains during your pregnancy? Our pregnancy massage can help alleviate pregnancy associated muscle aches and pains and help you feel relaxed to get on with your day!

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Postnatal Recovery Massage

After you have had a baby, your body and muscles don’t feel quite right. Our Postnatal massage and remedial therapy appointment can check for diastasis, help c-section scar recovery and help improve your posture and minimise postnatal related aches and pains.

What is Massage?

Massage involves the touching, kneading, stroking and rolling of tissues and muscles to help bring about relaxation, release tension, reduce pain and improve quality of movement. Considered one of the oldest forms of healing, evidence of massage dates back to 3000BC China, where it was used to improve health and treat general ailments. Today, many different types of massage exist to help calm and relax the body and mind and help people move better.

Our Core Principles

We sit down together and get to know you and find out where you are right now – Everyone loves a good massage, but before we get hands on we ensure we know exactly why you are hear and how we can help.

Your session is bespoke to you and your needs – As every body is different, so is your session. We will create a plan of action for therapy based on what we have found during the consultation and assessment.

We check to see how you feel before you leave – There is no point spending time on a great session without observing the improvements made to your muscles.

You are responsible for your body – As much as a great treatment session can make you feel great, decrease pain and improve movement, combining treatment with unique home-care exercises helps build strength and increase mobility in the long term. A massage itself only lasts as long as we remain completely relaxed (which is generally rare); at Restore Health and Wellbeing we provide thorough after-care advice to ensure the effect of your appointment is maximised and you maintain that relaxed feeling as long as possible.

We are still with you when you leave the clinic – We are with you every step of the way to ensure you are able to move and feel better. With email and text support and designated client care times, we can answer any questions and provide support out of clinic hours.