When speaking of energy within and around human bodies it is often perceived as something mystical or unrealistic. Since early age, we start form our belief systems around what we see and what is tangible.

Yet, since ancient times, energy healers have understood that our health greatly depends on the flow of energies throughout our body; the Chinese call it “Chi” – ancient Indian called it “Prana”. They see life force energies as a vital part of us that change moment by moment in response to stimulus in our life.

Meridians of the body and energies

Meridians of the body are undetectable to the naked eye; they are an ‘energy highway’ in the human body. Energies flow through these meridians accessing all parts of the body and are responsible for all the body’s major organ systems like the endocrine and nervous systems. They carry energy throughout the body, much in the same way arteries carry blood and, if the energy flowing through is imbalanced in any way, the system it fuels is jeopardised and diseases may result.

The meridians need to be free of congestion to perform their functions. It is easy for congestion to occur as a result of tension, postural distortion, injury and electromagnetic sources such TV and computer screens. To maintain the meridians in a state of health it is important to stretch and move the body and it would also be sensible to reduce unnecessary exposure to electromagnetic sources.