What have you done for YOU lately?

Janet J was onto something there, but I’d like to bring it back to you for a moment lovely. What have YOU done for yourself lately?

Are you dedicating some time out for you? Yes. There it is again… self care and well-being talk. Why is everyone talking about it? What the heck do you have to ‘practice’ self-care?!

And, how important is it?

Well, when you realise that you can’t pour from an empty cup, I mean knowing that you cannot be the sparkle and magic of the real you when you’re not feeling depleted. Filling your own cup means you’ll better serve yourself, and the loved ones around you so much more. Allowing a little for yourself is crucial. Not much. Just a little to begin with.

Love, dedication and a little time.

How much time are you setting aside for yourself?

“What time? I have no spare time!” I hear you, honestly I do. You’re busy and your mind is preoccupied. Add stress on top of that and…. Woazzer! What between work, home and family life, having no time, taking care of this task and that number on the to do list (which never has enough ticks on), looking after a toddler or two, oh did we mention you have no time?!

You don’t have the time to dare I say put yourself first even before your family sometimes, but that’s a whole different blog!

But seriously the way we live our lives today is go go go, we are so used to being busy and having no time. No time or patience for ourselves, ours expectations, with our children. We want everything quicker and we want it now. How many times have you asked a friend or a colleague how they are to get an automatic response along the lines of ‘I’m ok, so busy!’ or ‘I’m stressed and have no time’.

What we should really be asking one another’s hearts is ‘How are you feeling?’ That’s just it isn’t it, we don’t! We don’t allow ourselves to feel and be in the moment. I mean really be in the moment with ourselves.

So how about it? Care to live in the moment a little?

Yes, it might seem like the LAST thing to think about when you feel overwhelmed and have so much going on… But what if coming away from it all and stepping outside of the circle of stress, ongoing to do lists and general mayhem could help you feel LESS stressed? It can be SO valuable and help to bring more fluidity and calmness to your day.

Do you see how important it is? It’s kind of very important. For your wellness, for your mind, your stress levels and sanity!

No time to take time out?

Living in the moment

Ah! Being in the now moment, living for the moment!

You’ve heard this, you know this, and you’ve probably even used it for that impulse decision once upon a few times. When it comes to self-care what does being in the moment actually mean? How do we do it and how can it reduce stress?

In the ‘NOW moment there is no way for stress or anxiety to co-exist. Too good to be true? If you are truly in that place and focusing on slowing it all down, your breathe, not a moment before or after… in that very moment anxiety and negative thought patterns cannot exist. You can be in that moment whenever you feel overwhelmed or stressed.

Know that you are so much bigger than your stress or problem, even if it feels impossible trust that this too shall pass and the only place you can truly be at peace and feel calm is in the now. Eckhart Tolle reminds us to “Realise deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life.”

Ahem! Que my profound and life changing solution!

I’m so sorry to burst your bubble lovely, I really am, but I just don’t have it. The truth is, moments do not create themselves, it’s your responsibility to create these gaps and look after ourselves. We have to choose to live in the moment.

Can you give just 1% today?

That’s it, for now just 1% for yourself. It really doesn’t have to be 10 long ‘Oms’, or an hour long yoga nidra (although I’d love nothing more of that divine gorgeousness!) Sometimes we can only give a little and that’s a start. It could be a still moment of 3 deep breaths or a cuppa in peace! Something o help you to log off mentally and disconnect from the busy-ness and worldly distractions?

Some of the things that I do; I grab a spot in my favourite, snuggliest corner of the sofa, I surround myself with a blanket and lots of cushions (I love cushions!) and enjoy a cup of tea with cinnamon and cloves in a pretty mug and listen to my favourite music (currently and often is the beyond amazing India Arie), or I’ll go for a walk in the park in my warm layers (no bra ~ this makes me happy!), I put my phone on silent and know that the world around me will not fall apart if I take 10 minutes out.

Can you give more?

You can? Amazing. So, helps you switch off? For me all of the above! Plus a massage every month ~ my body really needs it! Plus, I absolutely love them. Touch my hair, my face, my feet. Ah! I become putty. It’s not ironic this is the line of work I’m in!

Give yourself permission to do what feels good.

We are amazing beings and though our bodies are amazingly clever they cannot run on empty. Make that investment of love and care to yourself. Know that it is ongoing! Sometimes you’ll need these precious moments out much more depending on what life is blessing us with!