“You are what you eat”, really is “You are what you absorb and digest”.

Have you been on diets or nutrition plans before and they have either helped short term, or not helped AT ALL and given up?

Tami and Lindi our Nutritional Therapists in North Finchley have been there.

They came into nutritional therapy to help personal issues and made changes in their nutrition to help them feel better and pass this knowledge and support friends and family do the same.

The nutritional therapy team at Restore Health and Wellbeing can assess and identify potential nutritional imbalances by looking at you as a whole rather than just looking at your symptoms or disease.

They will spend time getting to know you and taking a complete medical history to ascertain any triggers or drivers that are preventing optimum wellbeing.

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What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy uses a science-based approach towards promoting optimum wellbeing, health and peak performance. What Tami and Lindi do is to make nutritional recommendations to balance body chemistry and achieve this optimal state of health.

Nutritional Therapy is recognised as a complementary medicine and they often work alongside orthodox medicine to help provide you with the best result….which is to feel great!

Who do we work with?

Our Nutritional therapists can work with anyone! From healthy individuals to prevent disease, or with people with health conditions to alleviate symptoms and try to uncover contributing factors.

As everyone is individual with your own biochemical individuality, a personalised nutrition and lifestyle programme will be created based on YOUR specific goals and needs.

Allergies, chronic illness, and disease are on the rise and increasingly being linked to diet and lifestyle. We help to support you and promote a properly prepared, nutrient-dense diet of whole foods as its baseline to help with any nutritional deficiencies or imbalances. We also have access to good quality bioavailable supplements if certain deficiencies need extra help for a period of time.

Nutrition to help sleep

Sleep disturbances and low energy

Find out how WHAT and WHEN you eat affects your sleep and energy throughout the day. Learn how to improve your sleep and get your energy levels stable all day.


Food sensitivity, allergies and autoimmune disease

Allergies and food sensitivities originate in the small intestine. Autoimmune disease starts with food sensitivities. Come and learn which foods are harmful for you and which are beneficial to your health.

nutrition for stress

Stress, anxiety and depression

Your brain is another organ of your body that is directly influenced by what you eat. The brain needs good fats and proteins to function. Excess sugar can cause brain fog, stress and emotional instability.

nutrition for blood sugar

Blood sugar disorders and weight management

Where does excess sugar stored in your body? The fat cells. Learning how to reduce sugar consumption in a supporting environment is the best way to get back to health and lose we

nutrition for families

Nutrition for your children and family

Support your body for fertility to give your baby a better chance of a healthy life.
Learn how to teach your children good eating habits for life.

What can I expect from a nutritional therapy session?

We use several tools for each client to determine what deficiency or imbalance might be the underlying cause of the disease, dysfunction or discomfort and which particular nutrients will work to bring the body back into balance.

To begin we get together for a detailed initial consultation during the assessment stage, and you will be asked to complete a food journal and questionnaire.


Other tests we may use

Functional testing may also be used by Nutritional Therapists if necessary as it often gets to the root of the problem faster, allowing for a more targeted approach. Testing typically involves a breath, blood, saliva, urine or stool sample. The majority of samples can be taken at home but a client may occasionally be asked to attend the laboratory to provide samples. Testing can be used for an array of diagnostics such as comprehensive stool analysis, hormones, digestive function investigations and food intolerance/sensitivity testing.

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Meet The Nutrition Team!

Tami Tal
Tami TalNutritional Therapist
Lindi Jaff
Lindi JaffNutritional Therapist