This week we started working closely with a local business based in Enfield to help support them with their office wellbeing programme, helping the employees stay fit and healthy.

It has been a huge initiative and last week was the launch week with talks, and seminars and A whole day dedicated to stretching, office massage and injury advice.

So why is it important?

Well 1 in 4 people suffer with mental health issues, from stress, anxiety and depression and as many of us spend around 40 hours a week at work, it is important that the environment we work in is a positive and supportive place for all employees.

Alongside that between 2015-2016 there were 11.7 billion days taken off sick from work because of mental health issues, making it even more important for companies to ensure their employees have the skills and tools to be able to take time out for health reasons.

Why is office wellbeing important? 

What is an office wellness programme?

An office wellness programme, can be a range of things that are bespoke to suit each business. This week here are the things we provided:

  1. Office Massage: This is a great way to help employees relax and unwind. There has been many studies on massage and how it can help reduce anxiety and stress in the workplace. The amounts were 15-20 minutes each and staff remained fully clothed but had the privacy of their own massage space.
  2. Injury Advice: People often get aches and pains and niggles and ignore them. Having designated appointments to chat about an injury and what to do to help it prevented staff from taking time off during work when niggles were issues like muscle tension.
  3. Nutrition Advice: As part of this company’s wellness programme, they have really focused on healthy eating. Employees had 15-20 minutes to chat about their current eating habits and what they could do with ease to help them have more energy and feel healthier
  4. Exercise programming:  Employees were able to bring their current exercise schedule and find out what they could do to improve it to get the best results. They had advice on new exercises to add in and different ways of putting programmes together if they didn’t have lots of time to exercise.
  5. Fitness classes: We provided the employees with a “Stretch and Move” class which combined some yoga poses, mobility exercises, core work, self-massage and relaxation. It was a great way for the staff to unwind, relax and move well for the rest of the day.Why is office wellbeing important? 

More and more companies are adding wellness programmes into their workplace as an employee benefit. We have been working in company wellness projects for 18 months now and have had some great results!

If you and your company are ready to look after your employees by providing a wellness programme, please feel free to get in touch by clicking here!


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