Packages and Offers – To truly help you Feel Great First

The Feel Great First Membership

Putting yourself first is important and taking that hour a month to focus on you is key. With our Feel Great First membership, enjoy one of our appointments each month and really make a difference to your wellbeing.









Marathon Training Package

Training for a running event? The marathon programme is a three session programme to help you focus on your event. This can be through sports massage, osteopathy or nutrition depending on what you need to become injury free and perform at your best!









Nurturing Mum to Be

Make the most of this special time of your life and focus on feeling relaxed calm and ache free in pregnancy! Our Mum to be package is a three session programme and can combine our pregnancy massage offerings and reflexology to create a bespoke package to help you prepare for you new arrival.









Postnatal Recovery

Birth places lots of pressure on your body and it takes time to recover. Our postnatal recovery package is designed to help you feel well after birth. In the six session programme we can create a recovery plan for you including postnatal massage, reflexology, exercise and nutrition. It is completely bespoke to you and your needs to help you move and feel great!

Back Pain

Many of us experience back pain in some time in our life. Our pack pain programme is designed to help you find out what is going on, understand why your back maybe hurting and lots of strategies and support to help you move without pain. The package can consist of Osteopathy, massage, reflexology, yoga, nutrition and exercise. It is completely bespoke to you and how you are feeling.

Our Massage programme to keep you feeling pain free

Want a regular massage at a saving? Our 6 session massage package is here to help you make sure you have a regular appointment in the diary to keep you feeling less tense, stressed and ache free! Choose from sports, holistic, wellbeing, pregnancy and postnatal massages!

Feel less stressed reflexology programme

Reflexology is a great way to look after yourself when you are feeling stress or anxious. Enjoy a three session programme with Jenni to really take time and focus calming your body down to allow time and space to feel great.