Are you a new mum and feeling muscle aches and pains since you have given birth?

Haven’t had time for you since your baby was born and want to take some ‘mum-time’?

If you have answered yes we can help you!

Throughout your pregnancy and birth your body has been under a lot of stress. No matter what your birthing process was you need your body to recover well with the right relaxation strategies, good nutrition and healing time.

Our post natal massage therapy appointments are designed to help mums with after birth recovery and alleviate aches and pains.

What type of therapy do I need?

Postnatal Massage

To help with muscle aches, pains including C-section pulling and diastasis recti support.

Postnatal Reflexology

To nurture your body and mind post-partum and help bring your body back into balance.

Return to Fitness

A bespoke programme combining massage, exercise, nutrition and pelvic health support to help get back to exercise safely.

Danielle has been seeing me post natally and has really done some fantastic work through massage therapy and exercise. She has been working with me to gradually strengthen each part of my body that was affected by pregnancy and childbirth. I am certain that after working with her I will be fitter than I was before I became pregnant! I have also had reflexology treatment which helped me with post natal fluid retention.
I cannot recommend Danielle and her team enough.

Who we are

We are a team of massage therapists, movement coaches, Pilates teachers and reflexologists and yoga teachers who are experts in postnatal wellbeing.

Working closely with Yoga Balance we can provide an all round approach to help with relaxation, pelvic floor health and postnatal related aches and pains.

Why do we do what we do?

“One of my early post natal clients said to me that she felt she had been pushed off a cliff once her baby had arrived. She had so much support and advice during pregnancy but once baby had arrived the support disappeared and she needed more help than ever at that point. I thought to myself that there must be more women out there feeling this way and I want to help more women know there is more support out there. I not only help postnatal wome but also teach other therapists how to look after thoer pregnant and post natal clients better”. Danielle

“Pregnancy and Birth can be really stressful, especially when your trying to be Super Mum.  I want to be there for women to support them through the physical and emotional changes of a new child, helping them understand the importance of why mum need to comes first.” Lily


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Why do RHW post natal recovery services differ from others?

We follow these core principles with each client to ensure we help them achieve their goals after pregnancy.

Getting to know you – Everyone birth is different and we get to know you and your journey from pregnancy to labour. We understand the challenges women face both in your recovery and doing all the mum-tasks you need to fit in. We listen and support you, but not afraid to tell you when you need to look after yourself.

Your session is bespoke to you and your needs – As every body is different, so is your session. We create a plan of action for your recovery whether it is a massage to help reduce c-section tightness or you want to get back to running. We are the experts in post natal wellbeing, massage, exercise and nutrition in the Barnet borough.

We support you to look after your body – As much as one session can make you feel great and a step forwards in recovery. We focus on helping you build a wellbeing plan into your week. Being a mum is tough, we get that, but if you aren’t feeling your best, everything else becomes more of a challenge. We provide self care advice, exercises and support outside so you van get on with your day feeling good and with less aches and pains.

We are still with you when you leave the clinic – We are with you every step of the way to ensure you are able to move and feel better. With email and text support we can answer any questions and provide support out of the session.