I realised that there are lots of expectant Mums who have muscle tension, stress and fatigue as their bodies go through changes during pregnancy. With my knowledge of sports massage I took it further and trained in pregnancy massage at the London School of Massage. With our skills we decided to work together to help Mum’s to be prepare for body changes and labour.



What is Pregnancy Massage?

It is a treatment specifically designed for pregnancy. Specialist techniques are used to ensure that muscles and tissues aren’t stretched because of the increase in the hormone relaxin in the body but can reduce muscle tension and promote relaxation. One of the main benefits of pregnancy massage is that it decreases the amount of the stress hormone cortisol which elevates the expectant Mum’s mood and reduces the newborns cortisol levels. Check out the pregnancy massage page for more information.




Why combine pregnancy massage and prenatal Pilates?

As pregnancy massage helps relax the expectant mum and baby during pregnancy; prenatal exercise helps prepare the structures for birth and beyond. 


Benefits of prenatal Pilates

  • Regular prenatal practice can aid recovery by up to 40%.
  • Works muscles that are relevant for birth.
  • Prepares the body for all stages of labour.
  • Improved control of the pelvic floor region.
  • Relieves common problems associated with pregnancy such as back pain and can help strengthen relevant muscles to aid against ligament pain and symphysis pubis dysfunction.


MOVE Massage and Pilates

Combining both of our therapies Heidi and I created Move Massage and Pilates. We have designed specific pregnancy packages that combine pregnancy massage, 1-1 and group prenatal Pilates sessions to help you prepare for the exciting times ahead.


For more information on MOVE, pregnancy massage and prenatal Pilates please comment below or contact us via the contact page.


We look forward to hearing from all Mum’s to be!