Are you looking for a pregnancy massage that not only helps you feel relaxed but helps reduces those aches and pains you are feeling?

Have you heard pregnancy reflexology is amazing but you aren’t really sure why and want to find out more?

If you have answered yes we can help you!

During pregnancy and after birth, your body experiences lots of changes including to your muscles and surrounding soft tissues and can stem from over working or becoming over stretched as your posture changes through pregnancy.

Our Pregnancy massage and reflexology service in North Finchley is designed to relax mums to be alongside alleviate muscle aches and pains.

What type of therapy do I need?

Pregnancy Reflexology

Regular sessions keep you healthy and comfortable in pregnancy and promote timely, shorter labour

Pregnancy Massage

If you are feeling stiff or achy and feeling like your posture is getting the better of you!

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How does a RHW pregnancy massage differ from others?

We follow these core principles with each client to ensure we help them achieve their goals during and after pregnancy.

Getting to know you – Everyone loves a good massage but a great pregnancy massage can help release muscles that need help and provide the balance between holistic and remedial pregnancy massage.

Your session is bespoke to you and your needs – As every body is different, so is your session. Based on what we have found in the consultation and assessment will create a plan of action for therapy.

We support you to look after your body – As much as a great session can make you feel great, decrease pain and improve movement, combined with unique home care exercises helps build strength and increase mobility and keeps the muscles relaxed so you can get on with your day.

We are still with you when you leave the clinic – We are with you every step of the way to ensure you are able to move and feel better. With email and text support and designated client care times we can answer any questions and provide support out of the session.

Once you have had baby, it is important to focus on helping your body recover. Try our Post Natal recovery programme to help you restore.