The postnatal period immediately after birth is often referred to as the fourth trimester and the mother should be treated with as much care and importance as she is during pregnancy. The body has undergone immense challenges and changes both during pregnancy and the birthing process, whatever kind of birth you have had, and is now going through further changes as the body heals and adapts to motherhood.

Reflexology for Post Natal Recovery

“Rest and self-care are so important.
When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you serve others from the overflow.
You cannot serve from an empty vessel.” – Eleanor Brownn

As a mum it is so valuable to take some time to nurture and recharge yourself so you are better able to care for your family and have some energy to enjoy life. Reflexology has a proven track record in helping during this important time.
Working just on the feet to access the whole body means that we can still treat areas that are too tender for direct touch. It also gives the option to bring the baby with you – they often like to feed and sleep on mummy while she has a treatment! I have found also that babies whose mums came for regular pregnancy reflexology recognise my voice and the environment as a time for relaxation and often relax well in a session.

Specific areas that can be improved during the postnatal period include:

  • Recovery from surgery, stitching
    • Relieve cramps and afterpains
    • Assist breastfeeding by promoting milk supply, can ease mastitis/blocked ducts
    • Rebalance hormones which can affect mood
    • Reduce feelings of stress and anxiety
    • Achieve deep rest and improve ability to sleep
    • Reduce water retention
    • Improve digestion and elimination
    • Can be with or without baby

Take time to nurture yourself and make long term plans for recovery.

Full recovery also takes longer than most people realise. I would say a minimum of a year should be considered as recovery time, nutritionists often state it takes 3 years to replenish all the reserves used up in pregnancy and breastfeeding and in Chinese Medicine they state that it takes 5 years to restore the full energy levels of the mother. The rush to ‘get back to normal’ often stalls recovery and results in longer term health issues.

Long term issues that can be helped:

  • Low energy
    • Balancing mood
    • Releasing neck and shoulder tension
    • Stress and anxiety
    • Re-establishing menstrual cycle
    • Creating some me-time
    • Deep relaxation
    • Improving sleep

Jenni has 15 years’ experience in treating women during pregnancy and postnatally. She has additional training with Ann Gilanders in reflexology for women’s health and Suzanne Enzer in maternity reflexology. As a yoga teacher Jenni has trained with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli in perinatal yoga. Jenni also has a 2 year old daughter who is her greatest teacher!