Reflexology is a gentle and non-invasive treatment of the feet which promotes deep relaxation and improves overall health and wellbeing.

During a treatment session, the reflexologist will stimulate and massage specific reflex points in the feet which correspond to different parts of the body. By addressing certain points in these areas, reflexology helps the body to restore its natural balance.

Reflexology is a fantastic treatment for many conditions and is suitable for people of any age. Treating the whole person rather than just symptoms, it is particularly beneficial for people suffering from stress, going through pregnancy, post-natal recovery and people dealing with cancer.

How does it work?

For centuries, the feet have been thought of as a gateway to healing; evidence suggests that feet were being therapeutically treated as far back as 3000BC!

As with many complementary therapies, reflexology is based on the theory that illness is caused by energy blockages. Blockages may be caused by injury, stress, upset or lifestyle factors. When this energy (or ‘chi’, ‘ki’ or ‘prana’) is blocked or cannot flow freely, the body becomes unbalanced which can manifest as a disorder, discomfort or disease.

While not claiming to cure or diagnose, reflexology works on these blockages and restrictions and supports the body’s phenomenal capacity to heal itself. It also promotes healing by stimulating the nerves in the body and encouraging blood flow, stimulating endorphins (the body’s natural pain killers) and other hormones, helping remove toxins and waste from the body and supporting the immune system.

postnatal reflexology

Post-natal recovery

Having gone through immense challenges and changes during pregnancy and labour, mothers should be treated with great care and attention after pregnancy. Working just on the feet to access the whole body means that areas that are still tender and healing can be treated.  As well as improving sleep and reducing stress, post-natal reflexology can help relieve cramps and afterpains, rebalance hormones, improve milk supply and ease mastitis, reduce water retention and improve digestion.

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Reflexology is a popular complementary therapy used alongside conventional medicine. It is sometimes used by patients to try to relax and cope with anxiety and stress, heal after surgery and increase energy. Reflexology during cancer treatment can support the patient through treatment, promoting healing after surgery and helping with side effects of chemotherapy/radiotherapy.


Regular pregnancy reflexology provides valuable mental, physical and emotional support. As it helps alleviate stress and promote deep relaxation, it can help mums to be sleep better and combat fatigue. Reflexology is also great at relieving the muscle aches and pains that occur during pregnancy, and can help revive tired legs and feet. Regular reflexology treatment during pregnancy has shown to promote timely labour and reduce the need for medical induction.

reflexology for stress


Stress is something we all experience to some degree but excessive or prolonged stress undermines both our physical and mental wellbeing and can cause a wide range of symptoms. Reflexology for stress related health issues can help to alleviate problems such as poor sleep, digestive problems, headaches, anxiety and fatigue. The treatments are deeply relaxing and help switch your nervous system in to ‘rest and repair’ mode. Our therapist can also coach you in techniques to better manage your stress between sessions.

What can I expect from a treatment session?

A detailed case history will be taken from you during the first session so that your needs and goals for treatment can be established. Each treatment is individual and tailored to treat your specific requirements. You will also be given aftercare and lifestyle advice so you can improve your own health and follow-up support will be offered to guide you between treatments if desired.

Jenni Stone and Lara Journo-Leggat are our friendly resident reflexologists at Restore Health and Wellbeing, You can read more about their backgrounds and approach here.

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