Our four areas of expertise

Frustrated with injuries, aches and pains but not sure if we are the right team to help?

We help clients with four main problems and we are experts in these areas. All of our clients are as focussed on improving how they are feeling as much as us.

They understand one massage will not radically reduce pain and improve movement. It is combined with strength exercises, stretching and self-massage at home to ensure they stay pain free.

We aren’t the type of therapists that use music and candles but we are the therapists to ensure you feel relaxed and can move better after you have seen us.

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Providing help for muscle tension and pain with deep tissue massage, reflexology and wellbeing advice.Read More
Supporting Mum-to-be through pregnancy aches and pains with pregnancy massage and reflexology.Read More
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What else we can offer

Why Choose Us

  • We find out about you and your needs
  • It is more than a deep tissue massage
  • Always recommend when we should see you next
  • You will get a detailed aftercare advice and exercise plan
  • Provide ongoing support

What Client’s Say