Earlier in the year Danielle met Costa for sports massage in North Finchley as he was experiencing shoulder pain and it was preventing him from continuing his training at Zoom Fitness.

Costa - Shoulder pain recovery

What was Costa’s problem?

Costa came to see Danielle at Restore Health and Wellbeing as he was frustraed with the shoulder pain he was suffering with when weight training. It was now stopping him from progresing his training any further.

How did he find out about the clinic?

He was recommended by Edita from Zoom Fitness who had also seen Danielle for help with her marathon training.

What did Danielle find in her assessment?

Costas chest muscles were very tight creating more pressure on the rotator cuff muscles which had become weak. Other shoulder muscles were also tight preventing him from his lifting his arm over 90 degrees. This combination was causing restriction and the shoulder pain he was experiencing.

What happened during the sports massage treatment?

After assessment, Danielle used sports massage techniques to loosen off the chest and shoulder muscles. She used instrument assisted massage and other technqiues to help then used kinesiotape to provide extra support for Costa and to help reduce the shoulder pain.

What homework did Costa receive?

Costa was given stretches to stretch out the chest and shoulder muscles and strength exercises to strengthen the rotator cuff muscles.

Find out what Costa said about the treatment

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