Who am I?

For many years I felt unwell, yet doctors could not find any evidence of ill-ness, so I learned to live with and hide my discomfort. Symptoms including anxiety, nausea and tummy ache became a ‘normal’ part of my everyday life. Alternative medicine helped me up to a point, but it was not until I discovered the profound effect on my physical and mental health by eating the right foods, did the quality of my life drastically improved.

That’s how I became a nutritional therapy practitioner. I graduated from the NTA, Nutritional Ther-apy Association, and am now dedicated to helping other people find their health and regain control over their lives.

Nutritional Therapy is a way of healing through a diet that is tailored to your individual body needs. Nutrients are the building blocks of our body and many health problems arise from weaknesses in the body’s physiology as a result of poor nutrition.

The information out there about what to eat or not to eat can be overwhelming. Here you can learn which foods works for YOU individually, that will make you feel great and lose weight.

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