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Office Massage at DBOX

The sports massages have been really beneficial to me. Having never had one before, I’ve now realised why certain exercises have been causing me pain or discomfort and been able to work on fixing them safely. It’s also been really interesting to find out how the issues I have had in different muscles are all linked, and being able to address them in the correct way has made exercising a much more enjoyable experience for me. Before, I would have just brushed off any slight pain however I would now thoroughly recommend them to anyone who regularly exercises or wants to start.
Emma, DBOX
Danielle is a fantastic massage therapist and a lovely person. She has a keen intuition and adaptive technique as every massage is catered for the needs at the time. I find that she is very knowledgeable and offers useful information, holistic advice and tips for aftercare for small daily aches to more long term issues. I used to have constant aches that I just lived with and now I come away from the sessions feeling relaxed and realigned long after the session. Danielle has armed me with helpful tools that I can practise in my own time and with the understanding that we don’t have to put up with aches all the time. Highly recommended!
Kareen, DBOX
Having the monthly massage has definitely helped me improve not only my posture but also my habits. As well as the relaxing massage she gives helpful advice on your specific issue and it’s a delight to be around.
Maria, DBOX
I have been a client of Danni’s for the last six months. She is friendly, professional and a good listener making you feel at ease the minute your session begins. I have had shoulder issues and through her massage therapy, she has helped me recover effectively. I would highly recommended her
Jeremy, DBOX
Even if at the beginning I was a bit skeptic with the office massage I decided to give it a go and I’m so glad I did !
Danni is great, she helped me a lot with my shoulders that are always stiff especially after long hours spent in front of the computer. After the massage I always feel very relaxed and reinvigorated and…I can’t wait for the next session!
Silvia, DBOX
Danielle has always helped with any injury I have gone to see her about and also identified other areas that have needed attention. I would highly recommend Restore Health And Wellbeing.
Kevin May
Thanks again for enabling me to have my longest injury-free period since I started running, which was years ago 🙂
Steven Cuthbert
From the very first visit I knew I was in safe hands. Barbara listened to my problem and approached dealing with it in a professional manner. I was quick to see improvement and on subsequent visits the situation improved dramatically. She also found through technique that If I took certain prescribed supplements it would benefit my body. I trusted her judgement and found that on top of healing my knee problem, my clicking joints have improved, my sleep has become far more settled and I have far greater energy and concentration. I cannot stress enough how beneficial a series of treatments are with this lady.
Danielle is excellent in identifying and treating the problem. It is the second time she has treated me and the results were brilliant.
Jennie is very good at what she does, an excellent therapist. In my experience of reflexology, she is the best I have been to.
For Indian Head Massage – I have to say a big big thank you to Skevi after the head, face, and neck massage I received yesterday. I was suffering with sinusitis for two weeks. The level of pain I had in my face was ridiculous, no pill or antibiotics could help but as soon as this lovely lady worked on me and did her magic and I have been pain free ever since. I can’t thank her enough. If you do have the opportunity to have a treatment with her, you will not be disappointed!
Tami taught me not only how to look after my stomach but also to look after myself as a whole person, as a woman. Her advice is invaluable and I know that I can ask her anything about any aspect of my health.
Dear Barbara,
Thank you for an amazing session again. Please accept my apologies for not having told you before that my left shoulder is completely pain-free and better still, the weakness has gone as well, Wow!
Lindi’s advice and expertise to address my constant feelings of tiredness and being bloated has proved to be spot on. Her recommended adjustments to my diet were completely bespoke and effective. Lindi was highly consultative yet personable, and I was grateful for the phased approach whereby she could measure my progress and suggest further adjustments when necessary. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Danielle was very friendly and put me at ease.
Thank you Skevi for my lovely massage this morning! Your hands are magic, just what I needed post car accident. Healing and intuitive.
I feel a tremendous debt of gratitude to Tami for the improvement she has helped me to bring about in my life and for the quality of life I now enjoy. I have no hesitation in recommending Tami to anyone looking to improve their health and wellbeing through nutrition.
Danielle did a thorough examination before she started treating me. Throughout the treatment she explained what she was doing. She gave me a follow up exercise. Excellent service.
Thank you so much Skevi. Receiving a wonderfully intuitive massage with great depth is quite a rarity.
I only found Danielle as I wanted a therapist close to my place of work. I quickly came to realise that she is by far the best sports massage therapist I have ever used. As a track sprint cyclist my body takes a beating and the nature of the sport means I get very tight muscles. A few things stand out to me, her knowledge of the anatomy is incredible and the techniques used to relieve tight muscles as opposed to making them feel fatigued. Add that with the great feedback regarding not only how to keep relieve some of the symptoms yourself but to help me with technique of my gym work makes Danielle highly recommendable.

I am 100% that Danielle cares and is passionate about helping anyone achieve their goals regardless of what they are.

Miles Annon
I had problems with an Achilles ankle injury and ongoing back pain related to weak core muscles, resulting in difficulties walking. Danielle made me feel welcome and took time to listen and understand how I was feeling. The sessions were great as Danielle isolated and identified each problem and gave me extra exercises to do at home to complement her work. I am feeling so much better now as I understand a bit more how to manage my body and what exercises can help me. I would definitely recommend Danielle; she is knowledgeable, she enjoys her work and she is kind.
I had problems with an Achilles ankle injury and ongoing back pain related to weak core muscles, resulting in difficulties walking. Danielle made me feel welcome and took time to listen and understand how I was feeling. The sessions were great as Danielle isolated and identified each problem and gave me extra exercises to do at home to complement her work. I am feeling so much better now as I understand a bit more how to manage my body and what exercises can help me. I would definitely recommend Danielle; she is knowledgeable, she enjoys her work and she is kind.
I have had intermittent problems with my knees which I think is a result of the additional exercise I had been doing, and whilst I don’t want to stop doing this, my knees have been causing me a bit of a challenge. Danielle “did her stuff'” massaging my legs with her little gadget and getting me to do exercises. She then told me what to do in order to sort out my problem. So far, a week later, my knees are much better and I know that this is down to your knowledge and help. Thank you. I would have no hesitation in recommending Danielle to others and I have already!
I’ve been recommending you to everyone I meet who is complaining of a back problem!
Danielle has been doing home visits for me post natally and has really done some fantastic work through massage therapy and exercise. She has been working with me to gradually strengthen each part of my body that was affected by pregnancy and childbirth. I am certain that after working with her I will be fitter than I was before I became pregnant! I have also had reflexology treatment with Hannah who is part of the team and helped me with post natal fluid retention.

I cannot recommend Danielle and her team enough.

Mrinmayee Kulkarni

‘I was able to continue my training without any injuries and I got my best in the London Marathon’

Edita Tarvydaite

Danielle has been a fabulous help to my 16 year old son who has been suffering with his back for a long long time, but after a couple of treatment sessions with Danielle he felt so much better that the pain is infrequent now as opposed to regular discomfort.
I know that if he needs further treatment l would have no hesitation in calling Danielle to book him another appointment, so l would highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you Danielle for all your help.
Danielle fixed an issue I have had with my right leg for as long as I can remember by identifying the cause of the problem and unravelling the other symptoms caused by it, with a sensible amount of maintenance at home and massage I can now move much better and recover much quicker. Thank you!
Rick Plumb
I recently suffered an injury playing squash which I had trouble shaking off. For those that know me, not being able to get on court and play was torture.
I met Danielle through a network and had heard good reviews about her treatment so contacted her. Danielle did a first class job and had a great understanding of the injury and treatment needed. During, and at the end of the session, Danielle always take the time & trouble to explain why particular areas may be giving me problems and she advised me about stretches and exercises I should do at home to aid my recovery.

I am now back on court playing competitive squash and have no doubt I would have taken much longer without her treatment and advice.

I would highly recommend Danielle for anyone active and even those not so active.

Eli Pressman, Barnet Wills
I was recommended to Danielle by my physiotherapist following a shoulder and neck operation. My requirement was rehabilitation and restoration to normal life. Danielle is achieving this brilliantly by providing a varied programme, adjusting exercises to ensure that the challenge is always there without being overwhelming. She has been unfailingly encouraging and energising, coaxing more and more effort from me while being tolerant of my initial weakness. Danielle has also provided a programme of work for me to use on my own and continues to provide encouragement using e-mail and text. This personal involvement has been critical to the undoubted success of my rehabilitation.
Andrew Moss

‘I slept much beter and was much less stressed’

Anna Silva

Danielle is incredibly knowledgeable and sorted out my painful neck and my husband’s aching back with just one session of wellbeing massage. I highly recommend her.
Vicki Marinker, Lifestyle Maven
I had been suffering with shin splints for 8 months before my personal trainer recommended Danielle to me. Danielle assessed my movement to see where the problems were. Movement is assessed throughout each massage to see the improvements. I have been given exercises to do after each massage to help me outside of the clinic. Danielle then assesses the improvements that have been made from doing these exercises at the beginning of the next massage. The massages and exercises Danielle has provided me with have been excellent and I have just started running again. I would highly recommend Danielle to anyone as she’s extremely knowledge. She has a genuine interest in how you’re getting on outside of the clinic and is always happy to talk to you if you need any advice.
Tom Lyons
Training for my first half marathon I was experiencing quite severe knee and ankle pain but could not figure out why. Danielle helped me fix this as well as also giving me warm up and exercises advice to prepare for the big day. I am so thrilled to say that I not only completed my first half marathon but I did so without stopping and completely pain free. I could not have done this without Danielle’s expertise and will definitely be recommending her to others!
Jess Cartorc

‘Danielle was the best I could find and I highly recommend her’

Costa Christou

Great knowledge and treatment, shoulder feels so much better! Definitely recommend you hands down!
Sarah Jenkin
As a fitness professional teaching classes daily I put my body through a lot! My muscles become strained from over-use and can lead to a lot of aches and pains! Even though I know the in’s and out’s of how to take care of my body through rest, eating well and recovering with Pilates exercises sometimes I need that extra attention. Having Danielle observe where my tightness & muscle soreness initiated from comforted me, during treatment her hands on approach brought to light how much my muscles do need to be manipulated manually to help them relax, and certainly after the massage felt rejuvenated! Of course you don’t have to be fit or even remotely sporty to appreciate the benefits of a good massage Danielle White is an experienced, reliable sports massage therapist. Powerful in application and thorough with follow up.
Heidi Vandenbroek, ClubNL