Just over a week ago I was supporting Jenny Burrell the owner of Burrell Education on the Pregnancy and Post natal massage course and in my role the students got to assess my body and how I moved, to help practice assessing their own clients.

In my assessment Jenny and students saw that I walk with a small stride and I have tight hip flexors, especially on my left side.

Now I knew I had tightnesses in my left hip flexor and I guess I didn’t pratice what I preached and didn’t work on improving the movement there as much as I should!

As I am building strength and mobility in my body for the mileage increase in January for the London Marathon, my goal is to sort out these tight hip flexors as I will need them to work well for running.

Here are is a short video of stretches to loosen off the anterior hip muscles. The first is dynamic and should be completed as part of the warm up and the latter is a static to be added in at the end of your training or during a seperate stretch session. (To find out more about this read this blog on stretching).


(This was a very short training session before the heavens opened!)


If you have an issue with tight hip flexors and want some help assessing what is going on with your body please contact us and we can find out if we can help.