This is a question I often get asked not only by clients, but also by students when I teach the pregnancy massage and postnatal remedial therapy course for Burrell Education.  I’ll answer this important question below.


When is massage advised in pregnancy?

There have been lots of controversies around when pregnancy massage is advised and there are lots of arguments about when is best.

I always recommend booking in your pregnancy massage after you have had your 12-13 week appointment as this is when your baby’s development is checked.  This is a good time to be given the all clear for massage and other activities such as exercise.

This is not to say that massage cannot be carried out before then.  However, for many therapists and professionals this is what their insurance allows and the time frame where they are most experienced.

There are also many therapists that massage in the first trimester and many are clinicians (such as midwives) who are experts in the first trimester.  They are all insured and covered to massage at this stage of a pregnancy.


What I’ve found is that most women find the thought of being massaged early on awful especially if they are experiencing any sickness!

Most therapists will be guided by their insurance, so if you are working with a therapist before your 12-week scan, just check with them that they are insured to do so.

After the first trimester, pregnancy massage is recommended for as long as you and the baby are healthy. I have massaged ladies right up until a few days before the birth of their baby.


What are the benefits of pregnancy massage?

  • Easing muscle aches and pains – During pregnancy your body goes through lots of postural changes.  Many mums-to-be often experience lower back pain, tightness in the legs and sometimes upper neck and back pain.  Massage can help alleviate these symptoms.
  • Relaxation and easing stress – There are lots of studies on the benefits of massage to help with stress and relaxation.


When is massage not advised in pregnancy?

There are a few times that pregnancy massage is not advised during pregnancy. Your massage therapist can support you during this time with the right information.

If you have experienced any pregnancy complications or are under consultant care you may need confirmation from your health care provider that massage is suitable. If you are not sure, speak to your pregnancy massage therapist and let them know your history (they will most likely ask you to complete a consultation form prior to your appointment) and they will be able to advise.


Pregnancy Massage FAQ’s

Is Pregnancy Massage is more of a skin polish type massage?  It can be if you want it to be but it really doesn’t need to. Many of my clients come to see me as I provide an effective pregnancy massage to help them with muscle aches and pains.

Are there certain points you cant be massaged because of the risk of early labour? – This is a myth. The points people are referring to are acupressure points and are at the tops of the shoulders, ankle and near your thumb. Regular pregnancy massage techniques over these are will not cause early labour. These points MAY work for sustained pressure for a LOOOOOONG period of time (which will never happen in a massage) and if they were so successful there would be so many interventions to bring on labour!


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